Stephen Cheng Photography: Blog en-us (C) Stephen Cheng Photography (Stephen Cheng Photography) Thu, 01 Feb 2018 19:38:00 GMT Thu, 01 Feb 2018 19:38:00 GMT Stephen Cheng Photography: Blog 120 80 Engagement Photos at the Snowy Mt. Hood Stephanie and Chase chosen their photo session at Mt. Hood. They were willing to go freeze under the falling snow and trusted me with my location advice. We started photo shooting at the national historic landmark, Timberline Lodge. It was windy and cold, but photo shooting in the snow was a lot of fun. I love the beautiful soft light reflected from the bright snow. It was too windy, and we had to move to another location at lower elevation. There was a lot of snow coming down at almost the end of the session. It was amazing!!!

Thank you Stephanie and Chase for a fun session, and you were an awsome couple. I can’t wait to document your wedding for you!

Here is a sneak peek of their photos..

Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo Snow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement PhotoSnow Engagement Photo

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Casie & Justin's Wedding - Crossline Church & Talega Club House Cassie coordinated and planed the whole wedding, from her table display to her hand written menu…I really enjoyed your colorful wedding and I just couldn’t stop photo shooting all the details..

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Happy Holidays Wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful 2018!!! 2017cardW2017cardW

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Welcome to the new studio Welcome to the New Stephen Cheng Photography studio, Ready to serve!!!

studio01studio01 studio02studio02

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Franciscan Garden & Mission San Juan Capistrano Wedding – Ana & Cesar What can I say about Ana and Cesar’s wedding? Elegant, Spanish, party-fun, detailed, detailed and detailed. Ana and Cesar had their wedding at the beautiful Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano. Everything in their wedding had that elegant Spanish style in them, including Ana’s wedding gown, invitation, letterpress program, name card, music, etc…Each center piece was set up in a different antique vase and tray. Their “candy bar” were filled with the Mexican sweets. It was my first time trying De La Rosa Mazapan, which tasted amazingly good!!! Ana and Cesar put everything together to make the wedding very unique and beautiful…Ana and Cesar were super easy going and great to work with. It was a big honored to be part of their wedding!!

11Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 22Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 33Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 44Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 55Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 66Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 77Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 88Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 99Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1010Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1111Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1212Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1313Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1414Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1515Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1616Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1717Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1818Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 1919Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2020Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2121Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2222Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2323Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2424Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2525Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2626Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2727Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2828Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 2929Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano 3030Franciscan Garden, San Juan Capistrano

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SYDNEY & JOHN’S WEDDING – THE CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR Sydney and John made themselves a really beautiful and fun wedding.  They had not only casino games for adults, but also game table for kids as well. They even hired professional Swing Dancers to give all the guests a Swing Dance lesson. You can tell how much they care about their family and friends and made sure that they all had fun on their big day. I’m sure all the guests had a wonderful time… including me.

STC0001stc00011 STC0002stc0002 STC0003stc0003 STC0004stc0004 STC0005stc0005 STC0006stc0006 STC0007stc0007 STC0008stc0008 STC0009stc0009 STC0010stc0010 STC0011stc0011 STC0012stc0012 STC0013stc0013 STC0014stc0014 STC0016stc0016 STC0017stc0017 STC0018stc0018 STC0019stc0019 STC0020stc0020 STC0021stc0021 STC0022stc0022 STC0023stc0023 STC0024stc0024 STC0025stc0025 STC0026stc0026 STC0027stc0027 STC0028stc0028 STC0029stc0029


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Pelican Hills Resort Wedding, Newport Coast, CA – Susana & Ryan Susana and Ryan had their beautiful wedding at the Pelican Hills Resort…Like to share some photos with you!!


pelican_hills0001pelican_hills0001 pelican_hills0004pelican_hills0004 pelican_hills0005pelican_hills0005 pelican_hills0006pelican_hills0006 pelican_hills0007pelican_hills0007 pelican_hills0008pelican_hills0008-e1433201375802 pelican_hills0009pelican_hills0009 pelican_hills0010pelican_hills0010 pelican_hills0011pelican_hills0011 pelican_hills0012pelican_hills0012 pelican_hills0013pelican_hills0013 pelican_hills0014pelican_hills0014 pelican_hills0015pelican_hills0015 pelican_hills0016pelican_hills0016 pelican_hills0017pelican_hills0017 pelican_hills0018pelican_hills0018 pelican_hills0019pelican_hills0019 pelican_hills0020pelican_hills0020

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Hillcrest Terrace Fullerton Wedding – Christine & Achilles What is the best part of a wedding? For me, it’s all about family, friends, and fun. Christine had her wedding at the Hillcrest Park, which is a perfect location for outdoor wedding. The beautiful ceremony was under a big oak tree in the park, and the reception was hosted at Hillcrest Terrace. The couple’s wedding was fun to the adults as well as the kids. There was a playground for kids to hang out, run and having fun. It was a beautiful night, and everyone had fun dancing under the full moon.  I had a great time shooting the wedding, too.

STCcablog0005STCcablog0005 STCcablog0003STCcablog0003 STCcablog0004STCcablog0004 STCcablog0006STCcablog0006 STCcablog0002STCcablog0002 STCcablog0001STCcablog0001 STCcablog0008STCcablog0008 STCcablog0007STCcablog0007 STCcablog0011STCcablog0011 STCcablog0010STCcablog0010 STCcablog0012STCcablog0012 STCcablog0013STCcablog0013 STCcablog0009STCcablog0009 STCcablog0014STCcablog0014 STCcablog0017STCcablog0017 STCcablog0015STCcablog0015 STCcablog0018STCcablog0018 STCcablog0016STCcablog0016 STCcablog0020STCcablog0020 STCcablog0019STCcablog0019 STCcablog0022STCcablog0022 STCcablog0023STCcablog0023 STCcablog0024STCcablog0024 STCcablog0021STCcablog0021 STCcablog0027STCcablog0027 STCcablog0026STCcablog0026 STCcablog0025STCcablog0025

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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach – Lisa & Scott’s Wedding Lisa and Scott had their wedding at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. They also had the wedding ceremony with both Korean and western factors. The traditional Korean wedding dress was very colorful and pretty, and it was fun to see wedding in a different culture. Here are some photos that I’d like to share with you!! ls_blog0001ls_blog0001 ls_blog0002ls_blog0002 ls_blog0003ls_blog0003 ls_blog0004ls_blog0004 ls_blog0005ls_blog0005 ls_blog0006ls_blog0006 ls_blog0007ls_blog0007 ls_blog0008ls_blog0008 ls_blog0009ls_blog0009 ls_blog0010ls_blog0010 ls_blog0011ls_blog0011 ls_blog0012ls_blog0012 ls_blog0013ls_blog0013 ls_blog0014ls_blog0014 ls_blog0015ls_blog0015 ls_blog0016ls_blog0016 ls_blog0017ls_blog0017 ls_blog0018ls_blog0018 ls_blog0019ls_blog0019 ls_blog0020ls_blog0020 ls_blog0021ls_blog0021 ls_blog0022ls_blog0022 ls_blog0023ls_blog0023 ls_blog0024ls_blog0024 ls_blog0025ls_blog0025 lsBlog008-1lsblog008-1





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Happy Holidays Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy new year 20172016CardFinal2016cardfinal

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Christine & Andrew’s Engagement Session – Crystal Cove It has been busy lately and many photos that I like have not been posted on the blog, I’ll start posting more..I did Christine and Andrew’s Engagement Session couple months ago at the beautiful Crystal Cove. Different than other beach side, Crystal Cove is a permitted beach, it’s peaceful with less people… It was not crowded at all at the location that we picked, so we took our time to walk on the shore and I got some favor beach shots…Christine and Andrew are really easy going and fun couple, it was really relaxing shooting with them. I am looking forward to seeing them again next year at their wedding!!

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Nicole & Daniel’s Wedding – Tiburon & Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Nicole and Daniel had their wedding at Tiburon few weeks ago. Because we wanted to have a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, they drove around and did some location scouting during weekends before the wedding day…..and they found this prefect spot. It took us about 30 mins to get to the location, and we had some good shots with the Golden Gate Bridge and city view as background!!! Thanks for finding this perfect spot, Nicole and Daniel! 

NDT001NDT001Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT002NDT002Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT003NDT003Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT004NDT004Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT005NDT005Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT006NDT006Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT007NDT007Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT008NDT008Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT009NDT009Golden Gate Bridge Wedding, San Francisco, CA, Wedding Photography NDT010 copyNDT010 copy NDT010NDT010 NDT011NDT011 NDT012NDT012 NDT013NDT013 NDTweaks035-2NDTweaks035-2

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Summit House Fullerton Wedding – Stephanie & Wesley Five years ago, Lynn and I got married at Summit House…Five years later, same day and same place, but my role has been changed from groom to the photographer..
I love Summit House. This place is beautiful and cozy.  The wedding gazebo is right next to the reception ballroom, which allows us to have more time for the photo session. The meadow behind the restaurant is also excellent for photo shooting. Every year, Lynn and I would go back to the Summit House for our anniversary, and it has been our tradition now, and we will keep doing that.
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Ally & Michael’s Engagement Session – Irvine Regional Park Ally and Michael had their wedding at Mariners Church, Irvine. When they were choosing the engagement session location, they wanted something with nature scenes. Therefore, we decided to have their photo shoot at Irvine Regional Park, which was not far from my place…It was a fun afternoon without many people in the park. One photo you’ll see with fog behind them… that was not fog, It was  the smoke coming out from someone’s BBQ…and I love that shot!!!

amen_blog01amen_blog01 amen_blog02amen_blog02 amen_blog03amen_blog03 amen_blog04amen_blog04 amen_blog05amen_blog05 amen_blog06amen_blog06 amen_blog07amen_blog07 amen_blog08amen_blog08 amen_blog09amen_blog09 amen_blog10amen_blog10 amen_blog11amen_blog11 amen_blog12amen_blog12 amen_blog13amen_blog13 amen_blog14amen_blog14

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Christine & Achilles’ Engagement Photo Session – Laguna Niguel Regional Park Christine is a very nice and sweet lady. I remember the first time I met her was the day that my wife, Lynn, was about to deliver the baby, and Christine told me to take my time and take care of my family first then deal with her later…couple weeks later, she booked me for her wedding…Christine picked the Laguna Niguel Regional Park for the photo shooting, and she even drew me a map to show me some good ideas for the shooting spots.  On the shooting day, we had their little boy Elijah join us. He was more like my little assistant… He was very cute and awesome!!! I think the photos turned out great, and the images reflected the couple’s lifestyle well..

stcphoto_kaBlog0001stcphoto_kaBlog0001 stcphoto_kaBlog0002stcphoto_kaBlog0002 stcphoto_kaBlog0003stcphoto_kaBlog0003 stcphoto_kaBlog0004stcphoto_kaBlog0004 stcphoto_kaBlog0005stcphoto_kaBlog0005 stcphoto_kaBlog0006stcphoto_kaBlog0006 stcphoto_kaBlog0007stcphoto_kaBlog0007 stcphoto_kaBlog0008stcphoto_kaBlog0008 stcphoto_kaBlog0009stcphoto_kaBlog0009 stcphoto_kaBlog0010stcphoto_kaBlog0010 stcphoto_kaBlog0011stcphoto_kaBlog0011 stcphoto_kaBlog0012stcphoto_kaBlog0012 stcphoto_kaBlog0013stcphoto_kaBlog0013 stcphoto_kaBlog0014stcphoto_kaBlog0014 stcphoto_kaBlog0015stcphoto_kaBlog0015 stcphoto_kaBlog0016stcphoto_kaBlog0016 stcphoto_kaBlog0017stcphoto_kaBlog0017 stcphoto_kaBlog0018stcphoto_kaBlog0018 stcphoto_kaBlog0019stcphoto_kaBlog0019 stcphoto_kaBlog0020stcphoto_kaBlog0020 stcphoto_kaBlog0021stcphoto_kaBlog0021

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Dove Canyon Country Club, Orange County – Lindsey & Doug’s Wedding Lindsey & Doug had their wedding at the beautiful Dove Canyon Country Club. It was my second wedding there, and I really like the country elegance feel of the venue. If you are going to have your wedding there, don’t miss the beautiful spots for the photo shoot that around the little waterfall. I like to share some photos with you from their beautiful wedding.

Dove Canyon Country Club

Ceremony at

St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church



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Lina & Andrew’s Cambodian + Western Wedding I love my job because I can always feel the love and the happiness from every couple’s smiles and the energy from the different families.
Lina and Andrew had a two-day wedding. They had the Cambodian ceremony on the first day, and the Western one the next day.
I especially like the Cambodian ceremony because of the details, beautiful outfits, etc. It was my pleasure to be part of the both events.
Below are some images from their big two-day wedding!!

Western Ceremony: Westridge Golf Club. La Habra.
Reception: Mon Amour. Anaheim.


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2020 2121 2222 2323 2424 2525 2626 2727 2828 2929 3030 3131 3232 3333 3434 3535 3636 3737 3838 3939 4040 4141 4242 4343 4444 4545 4646 4747 4848 4949

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Happy 2015!! frontw.jpgfrontw

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Jane & Geroge’s Engagement Session – San Juan Capistrano Jane and I both were from CSULB Visual Communication program, She is pretty and talented as always. I’m so happy to see that she is finally getting marry to her Mr. right tomorrow. Congratulations, Jane!!

sanjuancapistrano0001 sanjuancapistrano0002 sanjuancapistrano0003 sanjuancapistrano0004 sanjuancapistrano0005 sanjuancapistrano0006 sanjuancapistrano0007 sanjuancapistrano0008 sanjuancaistrano0016jpg1 sanjuancapistrano0009 sanjuancapistrano0010 sanjuancapistrano0011 sanjuancapistrano0012 sanjuancapistrano0014 sanjuancapistrano0015

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Family Camping for the First Time – The Best Father’s Day I have always wanted to take my kids to camping,  so we went to The Angeles Nation Forest for two nights on Father’s day. We were lucky to find this beautiful site in the forest with an Bear-Saver on the site,  so we didn’t need to worry about our food being stolen by a bear like what happened last time.  It was nice without phone calls and emails for a couple of days. We will definitely take our boys out more often.

STC_familycamp0001STC_familycamp0001 STC_familycamp0002STC_familycamp0002 STC_familycamp0003STC_familycamp0003 STC_familycamp0004STC_familycamp0004 STC_familycamp0005STC_familycamp0005 STC_familycamp0006STC_familycamp0006 STC_familycamp0007STC_familycamp0007 STC_familycamp0008STC_familycamp0008 STC_familycamp0009STC_familycamp0009 STC_familycamp0010STC_familycamp0010 STC_familycamp0011STC_familycamp0011 STC_familycamp0012STC_familycamp0012

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