How to Download Your Photos.


1. Please Enter your ID at the "Client Access" Page.

    Each Client has an unique ID #.



 2. Enter you PassWord. 0202



3. Click on the "Select Photos" button. 0303



4. For single image download, just select the image that you like and then click "Download". 0404



5. To download multiple or all the image, please click on "all" first or select multiple images, then click "Download". 0505



6. You will need to enter your Email and you will receive a Zip file download link once you receive the Email. Your Email is not saved or used for any marketing purposes. ​​​​​​​ 0606



7. Once you receive the Email, you will find the Download link there. Just click that link and your photos will begin to download to your device :)​​​​​​​ 0808